• fitness tracker and smartwatch Now Available at BALAJI

  • New Glitter Cases for iPhone from ZIZO Wireless

  • New Rugged Bluetooth Speakers from HAVIT Available from BALAJI Wireless


Wireless solutions Designed with you in mind™

From inventory management, forecasting to retail merchandising, BALAJI develops custom-tailored solutions for all your wireless business needs.
With the experience of servicing over 14,000 retail locations, our team of industry experts have developed an all-in-one success program to scale your business to the next level.
Our combination of proven success with industry-leading infrastructure makes BALAJI the go-to partner to accelerate your growth.

Brands we carry

We partner with the top brands your customers want to purchase


With our BALAJI Custom Solutions System you can rest assured that we have the necessary infrastructure in place to manage orders as your business continues to grow.

BALAJI's Custom Solutions System is a leading cloud-based business management software for managing the efficiency of operations, customer relationships, and inventory. We can measure key performance indicators to determine whether a product is performing well or if it is close to its EOL. Not only is it beneficial for our company, but our customers are also given access to their accounts to manage orders and inventory. We customize customer accounts according to their needs.

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Cricket Wireless Authorized Resellers

We are pleased to announce Cricket Wireless is partnering with Balaji trading Inc,to support.

our efforts in growing the cell phone accessories industry. Currently, Balaji Trading is offering

a product selection of over 2,800 SKUs too all Cricket Authorized Resellers.

Balaji Wireless is home to the ZIZO branded accessories alongside the ZV and click core brands.

All of these brands are now offered to Cricket Authorized Resellers.

BALAJI Solutions

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